Appiercom in the Sunday Business Post: Start-ups show a range of innovative thinking

Appiercom in the Sunday Business Post: Start-ups show a range of innovative thinking

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The following is a excerpt from an article in The Sunday Business Post 4th March, 2018.

Start-ups show a range of innovative thinking

Enterprise Ireland’s Start-Up Showcase highlights the companies it supports, producing products and services as diverse as a breast-feeding monitor and a cloud-based aid for children learning to read, writes Elaine O’Regan

 By Elaine O’Regan Mar 4, 2018



Limerick-based HPSU Appiercom closed a €500,000 funding round last year with investors including Enterprise Ireland and MACX3 Investments.

The start-up has developed a multi-purpose product platform app aimed at businesses, associations and other organisations.

These include museums, theatres, racecourses, colleges and unions. It also has a second product, which is a school communication app called Appierschool.

“Through our sole focus on communication apps, we have been able to design a product range with significant efficiencies in design and production, which we can deliver to the client at a fraction of the cost of traditional app development companies,” said Appiercom founder Declan Hayes.“We are operating in what is largely new territory in mobile communication potential and we needed time to develop our products, and further time for our target client base to embrace these new products.

“In the meantime, we had to fund the development costs and the excellent team we have assembled at our base in Limerick.“This would not have been possible without the funding we achieved from Enterprise Ireland’s HPSU program, and the matching funds obtained from our MACX3 Investments, owned by Hugh O’Donnell, former chief executive of Kentz Corporation.“Hugh’s decision to invest was influenced by the fact that EI had done their due diligence and saw our potential, so we have seen at first-hand how matching funding really works.

Hayes continued: “This is the type of public-private co-investment that allows high potential projects to get out of the blocks and develop at pace.“A further dividend has been that the larger companies and organisations we target get a lot of comfort from knowing that we have ‘smart money’ invested.“These clients are entrusting us with delivering what is a key new communication channel for them, and they need to believe that we are a high-calibre company who will deliver.”

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