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Appiercom at Spin Southwest

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Appiercom at Spin Southwest

Neilus Stackpool interviews Griselda Williams on Spin South West radio.

Interview on Tuesday 29th August 2017 at 14:30.

So Griselda, who are AppierCom?

A: We are a limerick based communications & technology company who develop mobile apps for business enterprises and schools.

Q: Who would use an app like this and why?

A: Our apps are useful for a range of enterprises, institutions and clubs, to help them nurture a dedicated customer or member community network around their business or brand, and ensure real-time dynamic engagement with them. It really raises a company’s customer engagement if a direct channel to the business is sitting on a customer’s phone or tablet.

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SMS Texting vs Push Notifications

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sms vs push notification

The good The Bad and The Ugly…

One of the common arguments for using a ‘Native App’ is that they offer a ‘Push Notification’ feature. A ‘Push Notification’ is a message that you send to all the app users that pops up on their screen relaying the message in real time to the user. Its key selling point is that it is free and replaces SMS Texting thereby reducing/removing all SMS texting costs. To all intents and purposes, it sounds like an ideal solution.

However, having initially adopted Push Notifications ourselves, we discovered, that they are not all they promised to be. We found that our school clients continued to rely on SMS Texts for critical messaging to parents because they found that Push Notifications proved to be unreliable. The conclusion schools have been sharing with us is that SMS Texts, despite their cost, are 100% reliable and the most effective way to communicate with parents. For schools, guaranteeing their messages reach every parent 100% of the time is critical. The 80% success rate of push notifications is just not good enough for schools. They need to be able to contact parents on all mobile devices – not just smart ones.

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Have an event coming up? Create an app for it

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Appiercom retained to develop App for Limerick GAA

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Limerick gaa banner

The Limerick County Board have retained Appiercom to design and develop an app for Limerick GAA.  The app will contain Live News, Fixtures & Results, Photo & Video Gallery, Squad Profiles, Coaching Resource and much more…..

The App will give fans all the latest information they need as well as the ability to know who else is at a match and send a private message to them.  The app will use the latest in beacon technology to give supporters live information at games and other events.


Why you should be creating an app on your Summer staycation

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“Being on holiday is not having anything to do and having all day to do it.” – Robert Orben

How many of you feel disoriented during holidays? There can be something unsettling when switching from a very frenetic schedule to not having anything to do at all. Sometimes it might even take a turn for the worse, with some of us experiencing leisure sickness (that thing that happens when you catch a cold on your first day off). This is especially true if your Summer plans consist of a staycation. Read more